Monday, April 13, 2009

Follow-up from third class

Powerpoint of the handout Recap of domain name purchasing: --If you want to pay a premium for highly-rated consumer service and a toll-free number, Network Solutions is the gold standard. Their rate is 34.95 per year, with a discount for multiple years; if you want to get 5 years at once, it goes down to $23/year. They make you a TON of offers when you go to buy, so make sure to click "continue" without selecting anything and double-check the price is what you expect before you log out. --To save a little bit of money but still with a phone number (not toll-free), it does look like the one I use, enomcentral, is still considered pretty good. You also have to turn down a lot of extra services and on this one you have to unclick them. But they no longer offer a multiple-year discount! So if you're willing to buy a few years at once, you might as well use Network Solutions.