Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to make a link in Blogger

Links are made of two parts:

  • the URL (address of the webpage you want to link to--in the address bar, starts with http://)
  • the link text (what you see to click on, usually blue and underlined)
Normally they should be two different things. If you do want the webpage address to be visible, you at least want to take off the http://, which is visual noise. You want to copy and paste the URL, not type it in. So to make links, it's very very helpful to be able to switch back and forth between browser windows or tabs. One window or tab will have the Blogger post you are composing, and one will have the webpage you want to link to. To create a link: 1. Copy the URL to your clipboard:
  • In the tab/window with the website you want to link to, click ONCE in the address bar. This should turn the entire URL blue (highlighted).
  • You can right-click on top of the highlighted URL and choose "Copy"; OR use the keyboard shortcut (Control-C); OR use the Edit menu and choose "Copy"
2. Click back to the Blogger compose window or tab and create the link:
  • In the Blogger compose area, type the link text you want to use.
  • Highlight the link text
  • Click the little icon of a globe with a link (about the middle of the formatting bar)
  • A pop-up window will open with "http://" already highlighted
  • Do not left-click!
  • Either right-click on the highlighted "http://" and choose "Paste"; OR use the keyboard shortcut (Control-V); OR use the Edit menu and choose "Paste."
  • Click "OK"
You're done! Publish the post and test the link. If it doesn't work, edit the post, highlight the link text, and try again.